Get to know Ella Samoles-Little: Upcoming Talent

What were your highlights from your time at the House?

There are so many highlights on the course, it’s hard to pin them all down. I enjoyed meeting like-minded people, all with a different journey and story to tell. We all looked out for each other and made sure we supported each other as a group which was beautiful. Especially after Covid-19 where physical contact had been banned for what felt like eternity.

The mentors were fantastic, each had a powerful message, there was always something for everyone to take away from a session. I particularly enjoyed the creative sessions and confidence building workshops. The team at the House are absolutely mind blowing in their support. There is a real sense of purpose every time you walk into the building, which is so important for someone who has faced hard times with their living situations. For some, you can completely lose yourself; your whole world gets turned upside down and it’s hard to pick yourself back up. The support I’ve received has been phenomenal, and my bounce back has just begun. I am excited for the future again.

Since graduating, what has life been like for you?

Since graduating, I have developed a strong working bond with my mentor. During the taster session where we picked our mentors, I knew instantly that I could really gain new insight and skills working with her. I was extremely excited when we matched. Having weekly sessions has helped me stay on track with goals. Having dedicated support is so helpful when you are trying to find the right job. I am a creative filmmaker, with production and practical experience so I have a lot to work with, and a lot to work out!

Can you tell us a bit about what you are doing now and what it’s been like getting there

I have been freelancing as a videographer, working for music events, and creating promotional materials. Most recently I have been working on a video for the infamous Halloween party thrown at the House. It was great fun to shoot, so many beautiful people and creatures under one roof! I have also gained work experience in production companies like Punderson Gardens and Bridgeway films, it has been great to see the innerworkings and be a part of it all. The Accumulate charity has also been a big support. I attend their creative workshops ranging poetry, collage-making, and knitting! It’s been great to try new things and get creative.

It’s challenging finding consistent work as a content producer, but I don’t stop trying! I am looking to find a base within a creative team to learn and grow; I want to nurture my skills and bring my talents to the table. The independent route is a tough one, but I will always keep one foot in the water.
Has there been a pivotal moment that has stood out for you in your time since graduating?
To be honest, seeing my strength of character get back in shape during the programme was monumental. Being able to keep the momentum I built at the House, has empowered me to get back on my own horse. I feel excited for my future, the progress I’m making and seeing my network growing every day. Now, I am keeping an open mind to opportunities that come my way, while I work on my next short film and seek out funding!

What advice would you give to our latest graduates?

Try everything, be present, and stay focused.

Use the support networks built in the House and utilise the time with your mentor to its fullest, that one to one time is really beneficial. Look out for Accumulate – it is an amazing charity that offers creative workshops to those affected by homelessness, sign up! And most importantly don’t give up! 🙂

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Luckily, I was fortunate enough to screen my first short film Lola at the House during their 2022 Summer Festival. It was great to get to see the reactions from the audience, in real time. Lola was made with a small crew and even smaller budget; I am proud of what I have produced and want to share my work with as broad an audience as possible. The coming-of-age story explores themes of sibling rivalry, love, and innocence.

Please watch and share…

I am keen to build contacts and expand my network . I am open to discussing the content needs for socials channels or websites, with individuals and organisations alike. My experience working with members so far has been a delight, so I look forward to exploring this further. Please contact me via email: [email protected] or Instagram www.instagram.com/esamoleslittle if you think you can work together.