We are a London charity pledging to break the cycle of homelessness.

Our approach is driven by our social purpose to create a future where lasting employment is a reality for those affected by homelessness.

We recognise that gaining and maintaining paid work is instrumental to independence and security.

We run an Employment Academy that’s fully integrated into our social business, a not-for-profit members’ club.

The academy offers 360° support, providing accredited qualifications from City & Guilds, work experience in a vibrant business, real job opportunities and mentoring.

Most vital to our impact and to the lasting success of our graduates is our ongoing assistance and focus on work and wage progression.

The work being done here is of a unique and particular nature. I am inordinately proud to be associated with such a life-affirming establishment.

Brian Cox, Founding Member

Our story



We are looking to strengthen our governance over the coming months and years. Do you have skills and expertise in any of the following areas? Homelessness and employability, fundraising and business development, the Soho community, historic buildings, finance (VAT and tax in particular) or digital marketing?
Do you have the time to give? If the answer is yes, and you would like to find out more about how you might be able to support us and our aims please click here.

We are governed by a Board of Trustees that meets five times a year. Our trustees are responsible for control and to guarantee that:


  • The charity is efficient, effective and achieving the best possible impact
  • The assets are safeguarded
  • Proper records are kept and public information is reliable
  • The charity complies with relevant laws and regulations


A wholly owned trading subsidiary of the charity (Events Ltd.) operates our not-for-profit members’ club.

Registered Charity Number 207242.

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David Evans - Chairman
Warren Colquitt - Treasurer
Nigel Wright - Trustee
Kevin Arnold - Trustee
Frances Mapstone - Trustee
Christine Hancock - Trustee

As a Founding Partner of the Berkeley Partnership, he has helped to shape and lead the redevelopment by Marks & Spencer of their foods business; the creation of the National Lottery Charities Board (forerunner of the Big Lottery Fund), at the time the largest grant-making body in the world; the comprehensive transformation of Liffe, one of the City of London’s principal financial exchanges, from open-outcry to screen-based trading; and the creation by BP of their trading division.

Warren qualified as a chartered accountant at KPMG. He spent 9 years in the management consultancy practice responsible for a range of corporate and equity strategic and transactional assignments across a variety of business sectors including retail, insurance and manufacturing. He has thereafter undertaken a number of finance director positions in both large and smaller entrepreneurial businesses including the trade sale of a coffee business. Warren is also currently Finance Director for a number of other businesses in the restaurant and fitness sectors. Prior to his role at Covent Garden Restaurant group he worked as the Finance Director for Benugo.

Nigel has over 40 years experience in retail financial services and is Owner/Director of an established interim management company specialising in delivering transformational change. His career began in building societies; thereafter he undertook various senior roles in banking culminating in running the company behind the UK Cash Machine Network (LINK). He has served as director of Woolwich Pension Fund Trust, Funds Transfer Ltd and was Deputy Chairman of LINK for 4 years helping lead the creation of the UK national ATM network. Nigel is also an active ambassador for the Pennies Foundation having been one of the original team that created “Pennies – the electronic charity box” a pioneering charity that has already raised over £3.5million for good causes.

Equity Partner from Gardiner and Theobald. Kevin has worked on commercial office development, retail and residential projects since 1988 for various business park developments, city centre major projects and urban regeneration campuses for multi-national corporations and private clients both in the UK and Europe. He is a past Board Member of the British Council of Offices and a Board Director of the charity, The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust.

Whilst at Westminster City Council, as Director of Housing, Frances led on all aspects of housing needs, supply and community regeneration. Whilst at the GLA (Greater London Authority) as Head of Social Inclusion and Health, she led on the development and implementation of Mayoral strategies to tackle poverty, worklessness and health inequalities, and to promote refugee integration. From 2008 until 2010, she led the charity Off the Streets and Into Work and recently led on the development and implementation of a pan-London gang exit programme, Safe and Secure.

Christine Hancock is director of C3 Collaborating for Health, a global charity working with diverse stakeholders to focus on the 3 risk factors. She is an experienced nurse and health service manager, was General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing and then President of the International Council of Nurses.

Patron HRH Princess Alexandra The Honourable Lady Ogilvy
Visitor The Bishop of London
Rev. Adam Scott - Member
David Monro - Ongoing as Family Member

The Revd Dr Adam Scott OBE TD CEng, FIET is in the fifth generation of Dr Henry Monro’s family to be involved in nurturing the charity since Henry was involved in its foundation in 1846 and in nurturing it into its fifth decade.

Jurist, engineer, economist and Anglican priest for forty years, Adam works locally in Bloomsbury Square training judges at the Competition Appeal Tribunal. He has been involved with charities all his adult life and he is an officiating chaplain to the military. Adam chairs our building committee and looks after the Chapel of St Barnabas.

David is also a descendant of Dr Henry Monro, David was senior partner at Monro Fisher Wasbrough solicitors. In 1999 David – following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him – became a Senior Partner of Monro Pennefather & Co. He then merged the firm of Monro Fisher Wasbrough. David retired as a partner and became a consultant to Monro Wright & Wasbrough LLP in 2012.


There are currently no positions here at The House of St Barnabas. Please do keep an eye on this space for future opportunities.

There are two main ways your organisation can support our work.

Corporate Partnership packages: if your organisation would like to sponsor one or more people through our Employment Programme, we offer Corporate Partnership packages starting at £5,000, with benefits including membership and discounted venue hire.

Corporate donations: if your organisation would like to make an unrestricted donation of any size to the work of The House of St Barnabas Employment Academy, please get in touch to discuss this.

If you’d like to support our work in any other way, do let us know. We’re open to ideas!



Thank you to the following trusts, foundations, companies and major donors who have supported The House of St Barnabas in 2016.

  • Art Shuttle
  • Benugo
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Dramatic Resources
  • Event Concept
  • G M Morrison Charitable Trust
  • HACT
  • Holtby Turner
  • L&S Printing
  • NatWest / RBS
  • NCVO
  • Redrow plc
  • Shaftesbury plc
  • Stag & Hare
  • Stanley Foundation Limited
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund
  • The Monument Trust
  • Virgin Media
  • Wates Family Enterprise Trust

…and all our wonderful members.

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If your company or organisation wishes to support the work of The House of St Barnabas please contact Luke Davis luke.davis@hosb.org.uk

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