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28 July 2018  
Learn how ecotherapy can help you get closer to nature's annual rhythms and cycles from HoSB graduate, Antony.

Graduation day at the House of St Barnabas has arrived!

19 July 2018  
HoSB graduate and member of the Employment Academy Advisory Group, Jean Hindry looks back and records her experiences of the House and of Graduation Day.

HOW! Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness

5 July 2018  
I'm Chris McGloin, a participant on the Employment Preparation Programme. Please read my story, a spiritual journey to provide encouragement to fellow people suffering from homelessness. As my Pandora's box tattoo epitomises, after all the evils in the world are released, what is left at the bottom is ‘hope’.

Thank you Steve for leading our EA Advisory Group

29 June 2018  
HoSB graduate and member of the Employment Academy Advisory Group, Jean Hindery, introduces Frances Mapstone as the new Chair of the Employment Academy (EA) Advisory Group.

A Moment of Reflection

17 January 2018  
We believe it's really important, after a busy year, to take a moment to reflect and acknowledge everything you've achieved. For us 2017 was a year of collaboration. We worked with many fantastic people and organisations who share our values and our vision of creating a fairer London. We thought we'd share just a few of our highlights with you...

Rob and Victor; the value of mentoring

21 December 2017  
After Victor graduated from our second Employment Preparation Programme in August 2014, he and his mentor Rob focused on work and progression. The guidance and encouragement Victor received from Rob were instrumental in helping him on this journey, and although their official mentoring relationship ended in August 2015 they are in touch and still meet regularly.

The St Barnabas Address 2017: Charlie Dark

9 November 2017  
On Monday 1st October 2017, Charlie Dark gave the inaugural St Barnabas Address: an annual keynote on the subject of encouragement.

In a story that features his extraordinary Ghanaian mother, Tim Westwood, Malcolm McClaren and an inspiring supporting cast, Charlie weaves a compelling tale that goes from humble south London roots, on to private school, then to becoming an acclaimed record producer, DJ and latterly the creator of the mass running movement, Run Dem Crew. If you want to be uplifted, this is for you.

A chat with artist Denis Volpiana

6 November 2017  
Denis Volpiana recently exhibited his paintings in our beautiful Chapel, inviting visitors to join him in a spot of painting. Our Employment Academy participant working with our Art team caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

“It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.”

11 October 2017  
Enjoy some insightful musings from one of our wonderful members/mentors, Andrew Gerrard, after attending the Graduation ceremony of our 10th employment programme in August 2017.

Martin’s Story

3 October 2017  
Graduates such as Martin are now in employment because of your generous donations.