Our Employment Academy and private members’ club give people affected by homelessness the skills and confidence they need to get into lasting paid work.

We work with people intensely over ten weeks and then continue to support them to find work, to progress, to move to safe affordable homes, and to see a better future for themselves.

Supporting people to get into work is vital to breaking cycle of homelessness.

Work gives structure, a sense of purpose and opportunity, confidence and, importantly, the financial security needed to regain independence and thrive.


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Other ways you can make a difference

Sponsor a Participant

Change someone’s life: £5,000 will give the skills, experience and ongoing support needed for someone to break their cycle of homelessness.

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Set up Payroll Giving

Support our work tax-free. If your company is registered, you can make a donation straight from payroll. Your employer needs to set up and run the scheme but if they aren’t already it is simple to set up.

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Become a Mentor

Voluntary mentors give invaluable support to the graduates of our programme, helping them to get into work, progress and thrive.

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Thank you to all of our supporters; working together we can break the cycle of homelessness.

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