Thank you Steve for leading our EA Advisory Group

29 June 2018

Steve Guyon, OBE handed over his role as Chair of the Employment Academy (EA) Advisory Group in February 2018 to Frances Mapstone at the BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly.

He has a strong background in homelessness having worked as a civil servant for more than a decade on hostels, rough sleeping and single homelessness, before retiring in 2015.

So passionate about his involvement in homelessness that he is currently a board member of three other charities working to break the cycle of homelessness.

Steve who has been a member of the fabulous House of St Barnabas (HoSB) since 2014 said: “If I have an abiding passion it’s that I believe employment is the best route out of homelessness. The House’s EA has punched above its weight since day one, largely thanks to Ceri and her marvellous team.”

He also believes that the EA has had a huge impact on people who were a long way from finding a job before they walked through the door of the HoSB.

“It has been so encouraging to see the EA Advisory Group grow and see how well the House works with employers big or small. Having graduates on the Board has also given us a real insight into the trials and tribulations of looking for work and what it means for them to find a job. If we want to get more employers involved, they should come along to the Graduation Ceremonies held in the amazing chapel, where graduates perform rap, poetry and song with lots of laughter after completing the three-month course.  It can get very emotional, we should sell tickets! Above all, it has been an uplifting experience and affirmation of what the HoSB is doing is right.”

Frances Mapstone, Trustee Board Member and now Chair of the EA Advisory Group said: “What a great act to follow, I am so grateful to Steve for chairing this Committee for the last two years, this is a great privilege and responsibility, I am so looking forward to it.”