Exploring the value of language at Art Social ’15

5 January 2016

Employment Academy graduate and film maker Tony Mitsinga filmed at our festival Art Social ’15, working closely with artist Hester Reeve, his fellow volunteers and the HoSB festival team.  He agreed to share a little about what he got up to back in September…

HoSB: Could you tell us about your experience working with artist Hester Reeve at Art Social?

TM: Working with Hester was great, she’s very creative, expressive and confident, she put on an apron with the word TEA (Talk, Exchange, Arrive) on it and spoke to the public who where curious about the giant teapot in Soho Square.  During the filming of the interviewees she asked all of the questions and even recorded me answering her question, “What is the value of language?”

HoSB: You took part in a workshop with Hester as part of the conception of her piece ‘The Life Voyager’s Tea Service’.  What was that like?

TM: Being a part of the conception of the installation was great fun.  We met up in a group to write words that we’d like placed on a teapot and there was a task in which we had to write non-stop for a minute without lifting our pencil off the page.  We basically had no time to think and I wrote a piece that I delivered to the group which gained a positive response.  I was quite pleased with myself.

HoSB: What was it like volunteering at the festival?

TM: Working at the festival I volunteered to help reception with scanning tickets for one of the film screening events.  It was a nice experience seeing all the different people interested in the House and the art festival and letting them know about the venue and event, while handing them tote bags and programmes and even a painted jacket to wear during their stay.


To watch Tony’s video exploring the meaning of language at Art Social ’15, please click here.

Tony also filmed ‘A View From Inside; Our Employment Preparation Programme’, which you can watch here.