The Map Of My Entire Life, 2012

Artist: Rob Ryan

Materials: Hand-papercut

Dimensions: 330 x 180 cm

Price: £30,600

‘I used to live in one of those little houses down there and I still remember every road and field and every brick and stone. Every single thing that you can see was a part of the map of my entire life. The raging battle ground of all my victories and defeats from up here just looks like a pretty pattern. Every single minute was a struggle but not one second goes by when I don’t wish that I was back down there….. Mixing it up on good old planet earth!’

I Shit Diamonds, 2013

Artist: Antony Micaleff

Materials: Giclée print with glittered laser-cut appliqué stencils

Dimensions: 98 x 96 cm

Price: Donated Work