The Map Of My Entire Life, 2012

Artist: Rob Ryan

Materials: Hand-papercut

Dimensions: 330 x 180 cm

Price: £30,600

‘I used to live in one of those little houses down there and I still remember every road and field and every brick and stone. Every single thing that you can see was a part of the map of my entire life. The raging battle ground of all my victories and defeats from up here just looks like a pretty pattern. Every single minute was a struggle but not one second goes by when I don’t wish that I was back down there….. Mixing it up on good old planet earth!’

My Tree Never Had Any Roots, 2013

Artist: Rob Ryan

Materials: Hand-papercut

Dimensions: 57 x 65 cm

Price: £4,560

‘My tree never had any roots but it continued to grow nevertheless and I took it everywhere I went. I carried it mile after mile after mile and then I saw you and every word since then I’ve hung on a string only to hold you closer’

Why Not Us Too?, 2013

Artist: Rob Ryan

Materials: Hand-papercut

Dimensions: 63 x 78 cm

Price: £7,680

‘Stars and planets are held in place by the power of gravity and the tiny nucleus of an atom cannot live without its fellow protons and neutrons. The leaf cannot survive away from its tree just as much as the tree needs the soil in which it lives. When the part becomes separated from the whole it withers and dies.

If everything in the universe is connected to each other then why not us too?’

Countless Moons, 2010

Artist: Rob Ryan

Materials: Hand-papercut

Dimensions: 71 x 71.5 cm

Price: £6,000

‘Countless moons circle countless planets and countless planets circle countless stars. Stars and galaxies rotate eternally and you and I circle each other for you are my universe entirely and I will always be yours’

Can We? Shall We?, 2010

Artist: Rob Ryan

Materials: Screenprint

Edition: Edition of 50

Dimensions: 110 x 90 cm

Price: £1,300

‘Can We? Shall We? One day very soon, let us go away together just you and me. Can We? Shall We? Call in sick one day and travel to the sea and hold hands all day. Can We? Shall We? Eat our sand- wiches on the train, get drunk on fresh air and come home tired and never tell anyone…. Ever.’