The Pattern, 2014

Artist: Rebecca Louise Law

Materials: Antique Case, paper, flowers and copper wire,

Dimensions: 112 x 68 x 28cm

H.O.S.B, 2016

Artist: Peter Blake

Materials: Archival inkjet print on Somerset Enhanced Satin 330gsm Paper

Edition: Edition of 100

Dimensions: 29.7 x 21cm (unframed)

Price: £250 (sold out)

Peter Blake’s work brings together his love of popular culture and a fascination with vintage ephemera, or ‘Found Art’. As a founding father of the Pop Art movement in Britain, he has long incorporated printmaking in its various forms within his widely varied practice, as a means of making Artworks which are accessible and celebrate both our obsessive interest in pop culture, and the art found in everyday objects.

For this edition, produced exclusively for The House of St Barnabas, Blake has placed an iconic image of St Barnabas within a graphic composition, giving the subject his distinct pop art flavour, while referencing traditional Christian iconography.

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Thank you to Dark Matter Studio for sponsoring this print. Their generous support means 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this edition will facilitate the work of our Employment Academy.

It’s OK, 2015

Artist: David Shrigley

Materials: Linocut on Somerset Satin White 300g paper

Edition: Edition of 100

Dimensions: 38.2 x 28.1 cm (unframed)

Price: £250 (sold out)

The second in our series of limited edition prints, It’s OK by David Shrigley is a rare example of a linocut by the artist. Here the words ‘It’s OK’ hover above a modernist pattern of straight lines. The print’s graphic boldness and unapologetic simplicity remind us of the artist’s hand at work.  The interlocking lines are uneven with an unselfconscious freedom and the text has an inherent naivety about its scrawl. This work is rich with Shrigley’s trademark style and mordant humour, his directness of approach being manifested in both method and message.

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Many thanks to Coriander Studio and Huguenot Editions, Worton Hall Studios for the production of this print.

I Tried to Drown my Sorrows but the Bastards Learned How to Swim, 2015

Artist: The Connor Brothers

Materials: Giclée print with silk-screen varnish

Edition: Edition of 10 APs

Dimensions: 45.8 x 27.9 cm

Price: £150 (sold out)

The first in the series of limited art editions is ‘I Tried To Drown My Sorrows, But The Bastards Learned How To Swim’, by The Connor Brothers, who have supported the charity since the club opened in October 2013 when they exhibited a series of works in the Dickens room. ‘I Tried To Drown My Sorrows, But The Bastards Learned How To Swim’ is a playful and irreverent quote, first coined by the artist Frieda Kahlo. The print is part of the Connor Brothers’ ongoing Pulp Fiction series, which explores the nature of truth and fiction and recontextualises found material.

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