70% of people don’t consider unsuitable accommodation as a form of homelessness

Yet 104,510 households live in temporary and unsuitable accommodation

This is the highest since records began

The House of St Barnabas is on a mission to change public understanding of homelessness to show that it can be broader than rough sleeping. We are showing the realities of people who live in unsuitable accommodation.

We support people affected by homelessness to rebuild their lives. We are a community making a difference. 

Homelessness is more than rough sleeping. And we need your help to share this message.



Probation hostels

Transitional shelters where individuals recently released from correctional facilities can stay as they reintegrate into society

First stop hostel

Emergency shelters that provide a temporary roof over someone’s head, can be the first step into other types of temporary accommodation


Safe havens for individuals fleeing domestic violence or abuse, offering protection and resources

Mother and baby units

Specialised shelters designed for homeless mothers and their children, offering a safe space and support services

Temporary accommodation


Bed and breakfasts that are sometimes used as temporary accommodation for people experiencing homelessness

Longer term hostels

Extended-stay shelters providing a prolonged stay option for people who need more time or support to secure stable housing

Sofa surfing

Living with family

Staying temporarily with relatives or family members, relying on their hospitality for a place to sleep

Living with friends

Staying for short times at friends houses, often due to a lack of stable home and creating an unstable and uncertain living situation


If you are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, seek support as soon as you can:

Contact your local council
Find your local council – GOV.UK

Visit a day centre, find the closest one here: Homeless England | Homeless Link

If you are worried about paying your bills
Talk to a local advice organisation such as Citizens Advice

Join the club that
never joined the club