Earlier this week, the Government announced that from Saturday 4th July, pubs and restaurants will be able to open. We are excited this means that soon we’ll get to welcome you back to our House. We’ve missed you a lot. (And we’ve really missed the garden, this week!)

But we aren’t in a hurry. We want to be certain that when we do open, we can provide complete confidence to members and guests that we are a safe place to be. We are taking our time to get this right – we are learning from best practice on how the hospitality sector is evolving, and factoring in the feedback we’ve been getting from you. As soon as we have a firm date, you will be the first to know.

Whilst times have changed, we have too. We’ve used the past months to properly look at what makes the House of St Barnabas special, what our members want from us and how we can best put our mission at the centre of all we do. Here’s a little bit about the changes we’re making:

A community-focused membership:

The first half of 2020 has shown us just how important community is – we want to make sure that ours is one that knows us, and each other, better

We’re making plans to better connect all the parts of our community. That’s you, us and our Employment Academy participants and graduates

Getting here:

We know that lots of you are nervous about using public transport and travelling to central London. We’ll be installing bike racks to give members the option to cycle and store their bikes safely, if they want to

The club:

We’re redesigning our spaces to respect social distancing rules and will ask that all members pre-book their visit using a booking system

You will be allocated a table for the duration of your visit, we’ll ask that members do not move to new tables so that we can minimise contact

We will maximise the use of technology to ensure minimal physical contact between our team members and guests

We’ll be moving away from sharing style food and drinks, and will have a new, refined menu

The Employment Academy:

We’re preparing to run our next Employment Preparation Programme later this year – in a way that’s both safe and effective for participants

We are redesigning our programmes for a post-covid world. We know that the way people are working is changing, we’ll be making sure our graduates are ready for this


The Team is going all-out to get the House ready to welcome you back. We can’t say exactly when yet. But we can’t wait.