Megan Rea’s work explores the interplay between the structure and use of a building, by creating architecturally-based abstract spaces through model making, painting and installation.  



HoSB: Where do you take inspiration from?

I take inspiration from a broad scope of architectural styles, from the somewhat bland to futuristic conceptual plans. I greatly admire the work of architects Sou Fujimoto and Tadao Ando whose separate practices focus on the integration of the natural environment with their designs. Brutalist buildings have been a heavy influence over the past few years as I greatly admire their austere angles and heavy aesthetic. 


HoSB: Who’s your favourite artist and why?

I particularly love the work of Toby Paterson whose industrial paintings and sculptures explore the space between reality and abstraction. His exhibitions are always very well executed. Peter Doig is my favourite for painting technique. His work is so strikingly atmospheric and the scale is extremely effective in encapsulating the viewer. Instagram is a fantastic platform for discovering new artists so I’m inspired by different practitioners every day.  


HoSB: Can you talk us through your technique a little?

I often doodle on the move and do small drawings in chunky felt tips. I work a lot from photos that I’ve taken of buildings and structures whilst travelling, and frequently go straight to making a model. I find it much easier to work from something in its three-dimensional form, which I’m then able to break down into simpler shapes. I initially build up soft layers of thin paint, capturing angles that will be seen on the model in the foreground and to create depth.


HoSB: Lastly, in the tradition of The House of St Barnabas fashion, what encouraging words of wisdom would you give someone that wants to start making art?

Start by making work that you enjoy, do it purely for yourself and try not to just follow the styles that are fashionable. Attend exhibition openings to get chatting to others in the industry and note what you think are strengths of the show.  


We’re very happy to be able to exhibit Megan’s beautiful work in our Soho Room in our Summer ’19 Art Hang. 

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