Our Netflix accounts have been getting a bit of a workout the last few weeks and whilst the rest of the internet has been reaching Tiger King saturation point, we’ve been getting on with enjoying The Last Dance. Following Michael Jordan’s legendary final season at the Chicago Bulls, this is a slam-dunk of sports documentary film making. It’s released weekly in double episodes chunks, so you have to watch it the old-fashioned way, almost.

It’s clear now that we’re living through an unprecedented time (and that our vocabularies need expanding past the word unprecedented). But, we’re not the first to experience a pandemic and before the internet, public health messages were communicated VERY differently. To see how, check out this round up of pandemic posters through the years from The Atlantic.

Our friends over at Art Surgery London are sharing tutorials on how to use art to help ease anxiety, how to make art using things you’ll probably already have at home and how to step away from the scroll and get creative. All the tutorials can be found on the Art Surgery Instagram page (just put the phone down after you’ve watched them!)

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