“This meal means comfort to me.  Fried chicken and pancakes shared with friends and family is a Southern tradition.  It’s home, it’s love.  It’s being with the ones you love.”

Harvey, Employment Academy participant

Our Employment Academy are donning their chefs whites and taking over the menu in the club with a week of unique dishes inspired by special occasions and happy memories. Our guest chefs – participants and colleagues from the Employment Academy – have worked hard with Head Chef Nick to perfect their recipes and give them an HoSB twist.

For the full mouth-watering menu, with memories accompanying each dish, just click HERE.

We started the week with Abdiwale’s Somalian Lamb Sausage with Liver: “This is my favourite meal which we used to eat when I was a child in Mogadishu. My gran cooked it the best. She just had to start frying that liver and I’d be there. It was so tasty that me and my brothers and cousins used to lick our fingers at the end and we just didn’t want it to end. The morning our grandmother cooked, everybody was happy.”

Head Chef Nick says: “This was a dish which really got me excited. Using a fantastic undervalued product like lamb’s liver is a delight to see and taste. A great spiced insight into true Somalian cuisine. Served with malawah flat bread.”

Our specials will take you on a journey that crosses cultures and continents with fond flavours bringing to life the places and people that mean the most to our participants.

Join us in a bit of culinary nostalgia and share a taste of your life – let us know what your special would be using #MyMealMemory