Rob and Victor; the value of mentoring

21 December 2017

Volunteer mentors provide graduates with invaluable support for a year after our Employment Programme ends. After Victor graduated, he and his mentor Rob focused on work and progression. The guidance and encouragement Victor received from Rob were instrumental in helping him on this journey, and although their official mentoring relationship ended in August 2015, they are in touch and still meet regularly.

Although Rob had never been a mentor before, his support gave Victor a sounding board and the validation that he needed not just to get his job, but to achieve a promotion after his first year in employment.

We chatted to them both about their experience as mentor/mentee.

Victor – “At the beginning, I didn’t even know my left from my right and he guided me. He was there, encouraging me. He pushed me when I didn’t know I could do it.  I did need him, I needed help.”

Rob – “One of the best things about being a mentor is actually learning that you can’t solve everything… it has been a useful reality check to show me that so many things in this world aren’t solve-able. We meet up and talk about what we need to work on, about progression. Mentoring is about getting work, not about personal issues, and that is what we focused on.”

We asked them both to describe their relationship in three words.

Victor – “Encouraging, focused, reliable.”

Rob – “Motivating, enlightening, proud.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our mentoring programme, head to our mentoring page.