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#18: Modern Work is Rubbish

Date: Thursday 4th May 2017

Price: £15.00

Long hours, low pay, endless emails, sexist bosses, stupid meetings, management-speak… when did modern work become quite so awful? Modern workplaces were meant to be creative and fulfilling places, but in reality we’re just working longer hours than ever for less pay. A record number of us have now ditched the 9-5 to work for ourselves but with 80 per cent of the self-employed living in poverty, the dream of flexible working brings its own nightmares.

To explore what we can do to make work better join Lucy Kellaway, Associate Editor and management columnist at the FT, Robert Kelsey, best-selling author of What’s Stopping You, and leadership expert Gareth Coombs, in a debate chaired by writer and journalist Stephen Armstrong.

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