The day I decided to look around The House of St Barnabas changed my life. Their Employment Programme gave me something to focus on and helped me to make my life so much brighter.

It isn’t 12 weeks it is actually 84 amazing days

I find it hard to elaborate because every session with the Academy, whether within the House or outside with one of their partners, was unique. There was nothing textbook about it.

The House has some magic that pulls everyone, including the members to the same ideal.  Every single person at The House is special.

I found a family at the Academy with fantastic people that I can’t imagine I would have met anywhere else.  I was sad to finish the programme but if I hadn’t been sad that would have meant it wasn’t special.

The House is always there, and I am eternally grateful to them

I keep saying thank you but the reply I always get is “No Dave, you have done this yourself.” But that isn’t true.  I went from feeling worthless to having the ability to stand up in front of television cameras to help others, to encourage them not to follow the path I took.  Thank you The House of St Barnabas.

Dave, Graduate 2015