Our club opened in October 2013 and we currently work with 12 Employer Partners across London.

Our partners support us in a variety ways, offering work placements and training for our graduates, or connecting us with job opportunities across a range of industries.

We are actively seeking more businesses to join us in creating a fairer city. We have two types of partnerships: supporters and connectors.

Our lead partner Benugo operate our not-for-profit members’club on our behalf.

Benugo work closely with our Academy team to deliver training in service excellence within the hospitality industry. They help us to create structured work placements, provide access to their recruitment days and job opportunities with a guaranteed interview.

Since we opened the club in October 2013, 30% of our graduates have found paid work with Benugo.

Our supporters offer short work placements to our participants.

Placements take place either during or after our 12-week training programme and provide fantastic opportunities for our graduates to experience different businesses. Our hope is that a successful work placement will help our graduates secure a permanent role with our supporters.

Premier Inn regularly invite our graduates to their recruitment days. To date, 7 of our graduates have attended assessment days and 2 of our graduates have gone on to secure employment, both of whom are still working at Premier Inn.

I am proud to support the graduates from The House of St Barnabas into lasting employment, it is a great opportunity as a chef and restaurateur to create a fairer London.

Martin Morales, Ceviche

Our connectors are a group of businesses and job brokers.

We work with connectors to match individual vacancies from their portfolios to the skills of our graduates. This enables us to offer the widest range of job opportunities to those we support.

We are currently working with Recruit London (incl. Crown Estates) and KingsX Recruit.

Premier inn
One Housing
Old Spike Roastery
Youth Hostel Association
Recruit London