At the beginning 12 weeks seemed like a long time to retrain for employment.  I had so many thoughts going through my mind, most of which were negative. But despite this I was focussed on getting back to work and to being able to do things for myself, to not having to worry everyday about whether I’d have enough travel fare or if I would be able to have a proper meal during the week.

As depressing as everything felt in my life, I was determined to turn it around and the Employment Programme gave me the courage to do that. It gave me the opportunity to erase all of the negativity that plagued me by giving me something to focus on daily and, by the time the end of the 12 weeks had arrived, I was ready.

I cannot be more thankful for what The House of St Barnabas has done for me

Everything I went through in my life had become a stumbling block that I wanted to climb over, and The House of St Barnabas helped me to do that. From having to take baby steps for the second time in my life to being able to run into my future with a clear focus, they were there.

I was ready to take on the world and, in the end, to own it.

By giving me the opportunity to participate in the Employment Programme, they helped me get back to the Frances I used to be”

Frances, Graduate 2015