David Okoro is a trainer on our Employment Preparation Programmes and has been working with us since we first launched the Employment Academy. David runs between two and four 2-hour sessions for each programme and gets fantastic feedback from Participants. They come away from his sessions with a change in their way of thinking and feeling enabled to be more confident.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do? How do you work with the House?
I’m David , originally from Liverpool but I have lived in London for over 22 years. I am an Education and Training consultant and have run my own business for over 16 years.

I design education and training programmes and deliver them in school, colleges, universities, businesses and charities. I work across the UK and internationally (usually!).

I am also a director for a leadership academy based in North West London.

I deliver a number of programmes at the House, all for Employment Academy participants. They are all aimed at teaching the participants new skills, things like presentation skills, sales pitches and conflict resolution, and improving confidence, self-esteem and aspirations

Can you tell us about an experience at the House which captures what you think we’re all about?
There are many. However, witnessing the transition of the participants from day one to graduation is amazing. Observing them overcoming their fears, challenges and obstacles. Stepping out of their comfort zones and excelling is humbling to witness.

The last 12-months have been a challenging time for us all. How have you adapted over the last year?
Better than I thought I would….. I prefer to deliver my programmes with clients in the same room as me, but I have learnt how to deliver effectively online (particularly via Zoom). It doesn’t feel the same but I am grateful to have the opportunity to interact with people and do what I love and enjoy.

What changes from 2020 do you think, or hope, will stick?
Although I prefer meeting people in person, I hope to continue with some online meetings; they save time and more people can attend.

What’s there to be excited about in 2021?
Coming back into the House and working with the participants and the team. I love the atmosphere in the House.

I’m really looking forward to going to the cinema, theatre and a football match…….!

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