Echo by Tracy Glynn, Graduate of Employment Preparation Programme 9

There are many echoes in my mind

Echoes of times far away

Snapshots of times past and in the here and now…

They say a picture can say a thousand words

It’s true…

So can a lingering haunting melody

Floating on the breeze of a lazy summer’s day.

Bringing back the echoes in my mind…

The echo of passing time you see

Is always on my mind…

The midday chiming of the antiquated church clock

Passing time

Passing time

Minutes rolling by as crescendoing crashing

Waves in your mind

That deja vu echo

Passing time

Passing time

The sneering serpentine echo

Whispering in my ear…

The chandelier diamondesque

Laughter of my sister

Once upon a time

The echo of time you see

Is always on my mind…

A soft whispering wish on the dulcet breeze…

Passing my way it lingers awhile

I ask “Are you mine?”

The wandering echo of a wish lullabyed

“Yes follow me.”