We’re hosting a members’ watch-a-long with some of our favourite flicks.

When: Wednesday 20th May, 7pm

What: Labyrinth

After goblins kindnap Sarah’s (Jennifer Connelly) baby brother, she must venture through a labyrinth of creatures, puzzles and David Bowie in an extremely tight leotard to save him. Expect puppets, music and to see far more of Bowie than you bargained for.

How: Labyrinth is streaming on Netflix, and we’re going to use the chrome extension Netflix Party to watch and discuss together. We’ve put together a short how-to below.

To watch and discuss the film with us in real time you’ll need access to Netflix and Google Chrome.

You’ll need to:

Download the chrome extension “Netflix Party” from the Chrome web store – don’t worry, it’s free

Once downloaded, a red NP (NetflixParty) icon should appear next to your HTML browser box allowing you to host/join film watching parties

Let us know you’re joining the party, by emailing [email protected] by 5pm on Wednesday 20th May

We’ll share the film’s URL with members who are joining the party

You’ll need to click on the URLc we share and then click on the red Netflix Party icon to join

Prepare your preferred film viewing snack

Sit back, watch and chat!

Can’t join the Netflix Party? Feel free to watch the film in your own time on the platform / channel / DVD of your choice, you can share your home cinema set-up over on our social channels.

Have a film favourite you want to discuss? Let us know! Drop us a note with your suggestions using the [email protected] email address.