June is Pride Month and we’ve been learning a little bit about the foundations of the Pride movement. The Death & Life of Marsha P Johnson  is a Netflix documentary about one of the forgotten leaders of the gay rights movement. Marsha P Johnson was an American gay liberation activist and drag queen. She was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and co-founded the radical activist group Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R). She also modelled for Andy Warhol. In this documentary, activist Victoria Cruz probes the circumstances around her suspicious death in 1992.

Want to find out more? We’d also recommend the “You’re Wrong About”  podcast series, which has rereleased its episode on the Stonewall Uprising. In the episode, the podcast explores how one of the turning points in the gay rights movement became an immediate controversy, a lasting inspiration and a never-ending debate. Make sure you check out the podcast’s back catalogue for episodes debunking everything from Exorcism, to whether Yoko Ono really broke up The Beatles, to the ice-skater Tonya Harding.

We’ve been reading Raven Smith’s memoir, Trivial Pursuits. In it, he writes about his single-parent upbringing, his struggles as a lonely teenager and his personal experience of coming out. But also, Ikea meatballs, minibreaks and how many slices of bread are in a bagel. We definitely recommend.