We speak to The Circle’s founder, Ashley Jagdeo, as he tells us the ways in which the Soho-based tattoo studio supports the House – and what drew them to do so in the first place.

Founder Ashley Jagdeo


How long have you been a partner and why did you become one?

We partnered up in December 2021. For my whole working life, including as an adolescent holding down my first Saturday job, I’ve always worked in the West End, namely Soho. Over time, I’ve seen the problem of homelessness escalate hugely. As a business owner, I really wanted to do something to address this – I wanted to give back. I also wanted to be part of a community of like-minded, creative people, so the House fitted perfectly with both. We were interested in creating a partnership with a members’ club post Covid. As we’re a community focused business, word of mouth is really important to creating a lasting network, so when this happened we were like – wow!

What’s it been like supporting the House and the Employment Academy and what does it bring to you as a business?

We’ve just gotten started, but so far so good. Any customer that spends over £130 with us, we donate £1 back to the House – which has generated a lot of income, even without us promoting it. We also made a Christmas mug that we added to our website, donating the profits to the House, as well as contributing a £150 tattoo token to the House’s Christmas raffle fundraiser. We’re looking forward to getting more involved over the coming year – particularly with the art programme – which would enable us to link up the array of talented artists to the House directly, profiling their work.


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What support does the House provide to you as a partner?

Things like this blog piece – we’ve only just started out in our partnership, so we’re really keen to nourish the possibilities of what we can do together. What’s great is the fact the House approached us directly because they were interested in investing in local businesses within Soho. They’re keen to nurture and support relationships within the community.

Why would you recommend partnering with the House?

It’s giving to a good cause. Not many places offer that nowadays – or they do in small segments – but not as much as the House of St Barnabas, especially being a members’ club in central London. It’s kind of unheard of. The space itself is beautiful; everyone we’ve worked with so far are great and really committed to what they do. The food on offer is delicious – we had our Christmas party at the House and everyone loved it. It’s a friendly, community environment where you can go and take your mind off the bustle of life.


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Anything else you’d like to share?

We have a members’ rewards/discount scheme in the pipeline – watch this space! We also always have our doors open to anyone with questions about tattoos and piercings. Don’t rush into it, just get in touch.

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner of the House? Read more about how you can help in our mission to break the cycle of homelessness – HERE.