British-born, Caribbean raised artist and educator Niquelle LaTouche comments on the suppression of Black female voices throughout history in her poem, We are Nature.

We are Nature

Dear Black Womban, we are nature.

Flowers still able to grow on barren land,  

Our voices cause the sky to weep and force sudden angry light out.  


We hear echoes of ancestors bellow into this land, soothing our scotch bonnet seeds. 

We grow fiery, 

with thorns and vines and weeds,  

wherever we find space, to open our leaves we will.  


We weave seeds in corners like grains of rice braided into skulls.  

They’ve now learned to grow more quietly, 

even plants from us, learned to favour sunflowers. 


The world says our leaves are too wild but watch our fruit ripen, flowers blossom wide and free  

shrubbery untamed like our roots which cry out with the oxygen 

we all need to breathe.


Words by Niquelle LaTouche. Watch the spoken word performance – HERE