Barber + Blow 9

This week we hear from participant Kenny – who shares with us his creative response to his first week of programme at the House.

Hi, My name is Kenny.  I am very much enjoying the Programme and feel that I was meant to be here.  I have written some words that poetically show how I feel.  Thank you. 


Stop-Pause, inhale-exhale,

And whisper inside ‘now I can’t fail’,

I – isn’t in team,

Never give up on your dream,

Try right now, try that little bit harder,

Blow away cobwebs, your fruitless ardour

ARISE – I say rise fulfil one thing,

Remember you’ve started – Your everything,

Now all around give thanks and give praise,

Alleluia – You shock and amaze

Beyond all your doubts, your fears and woes,

And now you’ve risen, conquered challenging foes,

So smile inside, take back your pride, OWN IT.

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