We speak to Employment Academy graduate, Helen Scott, about pioneering the first female door attendant role at the prestigious restaurant, The Wolseley.


What is your background – how did come to the House of St Barnabas? 

It was through the Veterans at Stoll Housing.  I was at the monthly drop-in meeting, when Brian from the House came to speak and explained about the Employment Academy. I was nominated by Stoll Housing and was accepted on the course, which I attended and completed.

How did you come to work at The Wolseley? 

Only A Pavement Away sent the doorperson vacancy for The Wolseley to the Employment Academy. My Progression Support Officer, Jig, then contacted me about it and from there I attended the interview and was successful.

What made you want to take on your role? 

I have always worked in the public sector in various roles and I have always loved meeting different people/characters. Also, I like to talk! I have not worked in hospitality so I thought it’s a new and challenging experience.

How did you feel when you took the role on as the first female stepping into a predominantly male environment? 

I was actually honoured to be given the role and I was treated no differently because I was a female, which has been wonderful.

Any fun facts about working at The Wolseley – have you met any celebrities/influential people? 

Being a female doorperson, some male customers automatically react when I open the door with, “thank you sir”. You see them verbalise their reaction as they realise “you’re a woman!” You must make a joke out of it, though, especially when you then have them opening the door for you. I just say no  – I am opening it for you, this is what I do! I have a chat and laugh about it, so they are not embarrassed. Celebrities? Yes, plenty – Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster, Sir Ben Kingsley, Bill Nighy, Christopher Biggins, Neil Sinclair, Joan Collins, Percy Gibson, Sir Trevor MacDonald – to name a few!

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