At the beginning I really did not know what I wanted. When I started work experience I was placed in the office and was unsure of the work as it was unfamiliar.  I didn’t feel confident communicating with clients or with the administrative processes.

But then I was given the opportunity to try something else. Working as a waiter my confidence started to build and I became more sociable. I began to enjoy the interactions I had with people and learnt how things worked on the club floor.

The House has helped me realise how far I have come

Before I had even completed the programme I was employed to work in the club at The House of St Barnabas. Since then, not only have I been able to maintain employment but I have stepped up to the work that I am doing, I have become a section leader and I am looking forward to progressing further.

My journey at The House of St Barnabas has done more than open doors for me.

Everyone involved in this process in the Employment Programme has given me the encouragement and self-belief I needed to get me to where I wanted. It has made me aware of what else life has to offer.

Rory, Graduate 2014