Tony Mitsinga is one of our many successful graduates from the fourth Employment Academy.

Not long before Tony graduated in August, he collaborated on a film for us that highlighted the experience of being on the Employment Academy programme.  We caught up with Tony and chatted about the project and the filmmaking process.  Enjoy the short film that Tony has made for us and catch up with more of our alumni in future articles.

HoSB:  Why did you decide to make a film about the Employment Preparation Programme?

TM:  The Employment Academy set up a group called Team EPPIC* which focused on promoting the Employment Preparation Programme.   They asked if anyone would be interested in filming the media side of this project. I jumped at the opportunity to develop the idea; I wanted to show I had a lot more to offer to my group and the programme.

HoSB:  How did you become a filmmaker and what made you interested in making films?

TM: I’ve always been interested in entertainment, mostly drama and acting.  I got into film in 2007 while volunteering as a designer and illustrator for a youth magazine; myself and three others were mentored by Anton Saunders and produced a short spoof comedy called “T.P.C Tissue Paper Crew”.  This is where I learned to direct and edit, the short was screened at the BFI in Waterloo and even got a short article in the Guardian newspaper.  Since then filmmaking has been my passion

HoSB:  Did you enjoy making the film?

TM:  Absolutely YES, it’s the experience of working with diverse individuals, everyone with their own level of understanding of how filming works and just being able to bring an idea to life.

HoSB:  Can you share some thoughts about the process – from writing the script to filming and editing?

TM:  It starts with a discussion, in this case conversing with Nadra and Ceri about what it was that they wanted, what it needed to do and how long it should last.

Once the details are agreed, I do some location scouting, using my own filming equipment to record cutaways to give me an idea of what I can use for the full piece.  After I’ve recorded more footage than I need, I start writing a script and organise which people will be on camera, which is called casting directing. Then I storyboard, drawing what I want the footage to look like.  After everything is set and in place I film the main footage and then go home to edit the lot.

The hardest part of making this film was letting go of various cuts and editing the footage down to about 2 minutes long.

HoSB: Can we see your work anywhere else? 

TM: Yeah, to see my film for The House of St Barnabas, please click here.  Also, you can check me out on YouTube, my channel name is TheMitsinga.

Tony is currently working on a range of other projects including another film for The House of St Barnabas.  If you would like to get in touch with Tony please contact us at [email protected]

*EPPIC (Employment Preparation Programme in the Club)